About Ampag

The Australian Major Performing Arts Group, or AMPAG, is the umbrella group for Australia's major performing arts companies who inspire millions through theatre, circus, contemporary dance, classical ballet, classical music and opera.

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Queensland Ballet Queensland Ballet:Dance Dialogues Spring Queensland Ballet

Dance Dialogues Spring


Queensland Ballet Queensland Ballet:The Nutcracker Queensland Ballet

The Nutcracker


Queensland Ballet Queensland Ballet:Tutus on Tour Queensland Ballet

Tutus on Tour


State Opera South Australia State Opera South Australia:The Magic Flute State Opera South Australia

The Magic Flute


Sydney Dance Company Sydney Dance Company:New Breed Sydney Dance Company

New Breed

Closing Date: 02 Mar, 2020

Closing Date: 04 Mar, 2020

Closing Date: 02 Mar, 2020

Closing Date: 06 Mar, 2020

Closing Date: 16 Mar, 2020