AMPAG Tracking changes in corporate sponsorship and philanthropy 2019 report

Gross earnings from sponsorship, donations and fundraising events rose 13.5 per cent on 2017 earnings while costs rose 14.4 per cent. This resulted in $101.7 million in total net earnings which represented 13.2 per cent growth on 2017 results.

AMPAG Tracking changes in corporate sponsorship and philanthropy 2019 report


The AMPAG Tracking changes in corporate sponsorship and philanthropy report has been prepared annually since 2001. This report provides observations on key trends that impact the annual group results.

All art forms, except theatre, reported increases in total earnings in 2018. Theatre recorded exceptional 2017 results, achieved through successful capital raising campaigns.

All company sizes reported growth in 2018 with small companies reporting the largest increase. Compared to the large and medium companies, small companies' sources of income differ with sponsorship and events income making up a larger proportion of earnings.

All states reported total earnings growth in 2018. Sources of income are relatively consistent across all states except Western Australian companies, who consistently report proportionally more in sponsorships than any other state.

In 2018 the total number of donors dropped back slightly compared to 2017. This was due to a drop in total donors in NSW where private giving results were impacted by venue renovations.  

General donations and sponsorship reported little to no growth. Bequests were the primary source of growth combined with a modest uplift from in-kind sponsorship and an uplift of $1.6 million in event income generated by one organisation. While bequests are subject to significant variations, there has been year-on-year growth since 2015, suggesting the focus on bequests is beginning to pay dividends.

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