Become part of the orchestral experience

This week people in Adelaide will be able to experience what it’s like to be on stage with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra during a concert performance.

Become part of the orchestral experience


In five lunchtime concerts, members of the public will be able to put on virtual-reality headsets and enjoy the full 3D orchestral experience in the foyer of the Santos building in the city.

They will be enjoying the ASO’s Classics Unwrapped concert conducted by Guy Noble at the Adelaide Town Hall in May and recorded by Adelaide-based Jumpgate Virtual Reality.

Thanks to pioneering technology and using state-of-the-art Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headsets, audiences can experience 360-degree views of the orchestra and immersive sound.

ASO Managing Director Vincent Ciccarello said, ‘It’s a unique experience sitting on stage with the orchestra and conductor standing right in front of you and not something you can do normally.

‘This experience allows you to feel like you’re part of the action, it’s really immersive and truly gets you up close to the music.’

The vision is as realistic as it gets—a small camera tree comprising 14 GoPro cameras was placed in front of conductor Guy Noble, plus another camera at the front of the stage.

The concert featured over 60 musicians on stage performing music from Sibelius, Strauss, Hayden, Mahler and Australia’s Carl Vine.

Mr Ciccarello said the project was a really exciting audience development initiative for the orchestra.

‘We see it as an opportunity to introduce people to the world of orchestral music mediated by the latest technology. Given that technology is playing such an important role in the delivery of all forms of entertainment, we want to embrace that.’

The ASO is also hoping to include the virtual reality experience in its own education programs for students.

Members of the public can experience the Classics Unwrapped Virtuality Concert Series between noon and 2pm, from Monday July 20, until Friday July 24, in the Santos foyer (60 Flinders Street, Adelaide).

Six headsets will be available each day, with the program comprising Sibelius—Finlandia (Monday), Strauss—On the Beautiful Blue Danube (Tuesday), Carl Vine—Suite from the Tempest: Overture (Wednesday), Haydn—Symphony No 83 in G minor – Allegro Spiritoso (Thursday) and Mahler—Blumine, from Symphony No 1 in D Major (Friday).


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