Education Forum 2013

THE 2013 Education Forum was held at the Sydney Opera House.

Education Forum 2013



This two-day annual forum for the Major Performing Arts (MPA) Education Network, held 8-9 July 2013, continued into its fourth year with great success, bringing together all the education officers from the major performing arts companies, as well as some smaller organisations. They discussed the latest crucial issues in arts education, including developments in the National Arts Curriculum.

Aims of the 2013 Forum

The 2013 forum aims were to build on the achievements of the first three forums by further consolidating the network, discussing strategic plans and sharing information about continued excellence in Australian performing arts education programs.

Such a forum helps the MPA Education Network to:

  • exchange ideas in a professional learning environment
  • set further goals and guidelines for the operation of the network
  • share ideas about programming and education programs delivery to promote excellence and vibrancy
  • expand educational outreach through technology such as social media and good advocacy strategies
  • establish a benchmark of national excellence.

Summaries all the 2013 sessions and speakers are available here:

An outline of the MPA Education Network’s 2013 forum is here.

Full list, photos and biographies of speakershere.


A network of personnel working in education from the major performing arts companies was established in 2010 at an inaugural conference in Sydney hosted by the Australia Council.

Since then:

  • A combined response has been submitted by the MPA Ed Network to the Australian Curriculum Shape Paper in liaison with ACARA and their writing teams.
  • In 2012 the network devised a strategy and response to the new draft curriculum and set positive next steps for this to occur, coordinated by Kim Waldock, Head of Education, Sydney Symphony.
  • A facebook group was set up for the MPA network and key organsations who attended through the Australia Council using the following link:
  • Three annual forums have taken place.

Supported by the Australia Council, Sydney Opera House and AMPAG.

Australia Council Involvement

The Australia Council funds the forum and offers structural and administrative support. The content of the forum has been developed in consultation with the education managers of the participating MPA companies.


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