European Union funding for Culture 2014

The BIG news is that for the first time ever, the European Union funding for Culture is encouraging partnerships with non-EU artists and arts organisations.

European Union funding for Culture 2014


The new European Union funding for Culture entitled Culture Europe are now available.

There are three funding strands:

European cooperation projects

European platforms

European networks

This is the significant new clause that facilitates Australian participation:

For projects involving costs relating to a third country (i.e. costs relating to natural persons citizens of a third country, organisations based in a third country and activities taking place in a third country), the relevant costs incurred by the Project leader and/or the partners must not exceed 30% of the total eligible budget.”

The EU is encouraging innovation and asking applicants to seek out new ways of working, new partners and new models.

This funding offers us a new opportunity to engage meaningfully over the longer term with the still very well resourced European infrastructure for arts and culture.

Next funding bids close 2014, deadline March.

If this is too soon, you may consider engaging with IETM (the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) and other networking platforms in Europe to scope your partners for a 2015 bid.