It Takes a Village

The It Takes a Village — Education is everyone’s business campaign is highlighting the positive role caring communities can play in helping our young people realise optimistic and confident futures. There is no shortage of positive, life-changing stories that have led young people to better futures through their engagement in the arts, and AMPAG as a campaign partner calls for everyone in our sector to get involved in the campaign.

It Takes a Village


Launched today, 12 March, the joint charities campaign will run for a minimum of three months to encourage Australians to recognise that we all have a role to play in supporting the education of our young people. 

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is an old African proverb that highlights the role of the community in educating children. Every Australian who interacts with a young person has a part to play in helping them succeed, and this is the concept at the core of the campaign.

In 2017, the major performing arts organisations reached around 580,000 young people through their schools programs and many more among the 91,900 attending their workshops, and the millions of people who engaged online. These programs, often made possible through philanthropic support, inspire and support not only students, but build classroom teachers’ knowledge and skills as well. 

What many may not realise is that arts education not only fosters the development of artistic skills for art making, it also teaches skills in collaboration, innovation,  experimentation, resilience, confidence and communication.  Recent Australian research has found that students who engage in the Arts, do better academically in their non-Arts subjects (like English, Mathematics and Science) than those students who do not participate in the Arts.

A caring community can give young Aussies the positive support and motivation they need to stay in education and get the most out of it; and we know that staying in school significantly increases the chances of young people continuing with further education and getting a job.  In short, keeping children in school and encouraging them to dream big is good for everyone.

Tim Costello, Chair of the CCA says that education has the power to transform the opportunities and life outcomes of children and communities. ‘Teachers, parents and government all clearly play a vital role in our young people’s education, but so do many other people in our lives – the people in our “village”.’ AMPAG is encouraging the arts sector to get involved in the campaign by identifying people who can point to someone whose life course was changed as a child by someone in their own ‘village’.

The campaign offers an opportunity to thank people who have made a difference. Chris (Head of Technical Production Sydney Theatre Company) and Ben (Musician) inspired by his relationship with performers touring with Musica Viva have already posted their video stories, and anyone else can get involved.

You can create your own video content, tweet, provide testimonials, news stories and raise stakeholder awareness around the role arts education has played in supporting positive opportunities and outcomes for young people.

Find out more about the campaign at and please take a moment to share it with your family and friends.

We all have a role to play in helping the next generation of Aussies achieve big things. Let’s start talking.


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