Musica Viva Schools' 2018 offers more

2018 MVA in Schools includes three new shows; Water, Water, Everywhere with music by Grammy-winning composer, Tan Dun; Da Vinci’s Apprentice, which brings out the inventor in us all; and Wyniss, a dynamic group from Müa Island in the Torres Strait.

Musica Viva Schools' 2018 offers more


“Next year we’re taking live music intoschools all over Australia, from Adelaide to Darwin and from Geraldton to the Gold Coast.Fifteen diverse groups will tour for us with programs ranging from classic rhythm and blues to Japanese drumming”saysMichael Sollis, Artistic Director, Education.

A live performance is just the beginning. Drawing on over 35 years’ experience in music education, Musica Viva In Schools provides unparalleled support for teachers, with customised activities ranging from interactive resources to accredited professional development, both online and face-to-face. All materials tie in with theMusic and Creative Arts Curriculum and provide cross-curriculum links aligned to state and national guidelines. There’s also an Extension Program for every need, fromresidencies to assist with composing a school song to the online resources ofMusicassentials, or theMusicadventures series of digital books.

“We believe that every child has a right to music education, and we use our size and experience to ensure our programs remain of exceptional value,” says Sollis. We’re also proud to provide financial assistance to schools in need due to socioeconomic disadvantage or geographic remoteness. Last year we reached over 280,000 children at 995 schools, a third of them in regional communities.”

“For students, being able to see, hear and feel the very best music in their own school can spark a lifelong journey of musical discovery, unlock creativity and help them understand our complex world,” he concludes.

2018 ensembles from A to Z

Adam Hall & The Velvet Players - Classic rhythm & blues from singer/trumpeter Adam Hall and his foot-stomping, hip-wiggling, shoulder-shaking “little big band”.Touring in WA and VIC.

Best of Brass - Famous for their dynamic, larger than life performances, ‘BoB’ are experts at explaining where the strange, bendy metal tubes they play come from, and how they work. Touring in QLD and NSW.

B'tutta - A brilliant percussion quartet with a gift for removing barriers, B’tutta helps students build the courage and confidence to become conductors, composers and players.Touring in WA and NSW.

Dätiwuy Dreaming - A rare glimpse at the creation stories of the Yolngu people of Elcho Island and Northeast Arnhem Land, who have been making music longer than almost anyone else.Touring in SA and ACT.

NEW IN 2018: Da Vinci's Apprentice - each child is an inventor in this tale of 16th century Italy and the weird, wonderful instruments of Da Vinci’s time.Touring in NSW.

Doctor Stovepipe - this rollicking, old-time gypsy swing band teaches students how songs evolve – and that when it comes to making music, no road map is required.Touring in ACT, NSW and QLD.

Makukuhan - a dynamic mini-Gamelan orchestra whose performances include pitch-bending drums, a mesmerising masked dance and unbelievably rapid Javanese clapping.Touring in NSW and WA.

Mara! – theseaward-winning masters of world music conjure up a unique, multicultural world of song, revealing the uncommon rhythms and scales in music from Ireland, Turkey and Bulgaria.Touring in VIC, NSW and SA.

March of the Fire Ants - songs from the backyard, brought to life by Australian composer Paul Kopetz. Explore music inspired by jet fighter lorikeets and machine-like cicadas with the popular ensemble, Entourage.Touring in ACT and NSW.

Taikoz - in demand all over the world, Taikoz are delighted to bring their Japanese Taiko drums to Australian schools. Their shows are so engrossing because they are seen, heard and felt: students literally become sounding boards. Touring in WA, NSW and SA.

Teranga -West African music and danceled by charismatic Senegalese musician Pape M’Baye (who has shared the stage with music legends BB King, Miles Davis and Ringo Starr).Touring in NSW.

The Air I Breathe - in a dazzling display of virtuosity, the three ensemble members teach student to master their own breath and use it as a creative, joyful and life affirming force.Touring in VIC, NSW and WA.

NEW IN 2018: Wyniss - By comparing their own childhood games to those from the remote Torres Strait, students come to understand the importance of traditions, and to be thankful to those who teach them.Touring in NSW and QLD.

NEW IN 2018: Water, Water, Everywhere - based on music by Grammy-winning composer Tan Dun, this program evokes a childhood in the waterlogged fields of China and invites students to make music with water.Touring in VIC and NSW.

Zeeko - This eclectic rock band composes original songs about fast food, golden frogs and the deep ocean, exploring a fundamental message: nature is calling to us, and it’s time to listen.Touring in QLD.


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