MVA Education Program In Hong Kong

Musica Viva Australia despatches its well-crafted music education program to Hong Kong schools in October.

MVA Education Program In Hong Kong


This time the Sousaphonics ensemble, a crack team of saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, sousaphone and drum kit, performing music party music across the world takes flight. They will share music from Nigerian Afro-beat to Carnivale marches to Balkan folk music, opening the door to these traditions for many students for the first time.

Musica Viva Australia (MVA) has partnered with Premiere Performances Hong Kong (PPHK ) for the past 6 years, to replicate Australia’s successful 36-year-old program in their territory. Due to its interactive nature, the program has been particularly successful in a country that is used to more formal music and more formal music education.

For MVA, the program provides a wonderful opportunity to extend their impact and reach and to promote their brand internationally. Musica Viva In Schools 2016 Australian reach was over 265,000 students. Last year MVA had two ensembles tour to Hong Kong to over 11,000 students, across 38 schools and they expect the figure to be similar this year’s October tour.

Workshops and performances bring deep learning experiences to the students, while further long-lasting impact is assured through MVIS professional development and resource kits provided to the teachers.

During the visit, the Sousaphonics will play to 19 schools over 2 weeks, including special needs schools and a family concert on the weekend, for the wider community. The concerts are accompanied by 10 weeks’ worth of digital teaching resources, to fully prepare the classes for the group’s visit. Addressing the sustainability of music education in the classroom is a hallmark of MVIS, ensuring that the impact of each performance resonates long after the last note has sounded from the stage

While in HK, The Sousaphonics will also be mentoring a new HK-based brass ensemble, who are being trained in the ways of Musica Viva to deliver impactful concerts for local schools.

The tours have been resoundingly successful in providing international engagement and career development opportunities for the highly accomplished Australian artists who are part of the Musica Viva In Schools program. The program brings Musica Viva In Schools’ unique educational program to Hong Kong and provides a platform for cultural and social exchange between Australia and Hong Kong.

Student feedback:

Amazing. I learned a lot in your performance, and you guys inspire me.”

“This made me so interested in music!”

“It was very interesting because this is the first time I’ve ever seen a concert.”

“It was amazing and it inspired me to play more instruments.”


Why is MVA in Hong Kong?

- Premiere Performances Hong Kong (PPHK ) is a Hong Kong-based arts organisation founded to strengthen the arts landscape in Hong Kong. They identified a need to develop the arts and cultural landscape of Hong Kong at a grass roots level. After an international review and with support from the Hong Kong Government and JP Morgan, PPHK selected MVA to become the main service provider based on MVA's international reputation for delivering excellence and innovation in music education.

-In November 2012 Musica Viva In Schools (MVIS) delivered a pilot tour on behalf of PPHK to seven schools and over 2,000 students in Hong Kong schools.

- Each year since that time, two or three of Musica Viva In Schools’ quality ensembles have toured Hong Kong for 10 days each.

·In 2015 alone, Australian musicians held 40 concerts in Hong Kong, with total attendance in schools of over 9000 students. This number excludes the highly popular community concerts, which are held to reach a broad audience.

-From 2014, touring Australian ensembles have also participated as mentors for local Hong Kong group, Viva Pipers!, in order to develop local Hong Kong-based repertoire and to model best practice for educational and artistic quality and performing in a school environment.


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