National Performing Arts Partnership Framework Announced

The meeting of Cultural Ministers has agreed on a new National Performing Arts Partnership Framework to replace the Performing Arts (MPA) Framework.

National Performing Arts Partnership Framework Announced


Responding to the outcomes of public consultation conducted in 2018, the new Framework retains the most effective elements of the current Framework, while providing a clearer pathway to expand the cohort of funded companies, a new process to reward excellence and improve contestability and public reporting requirements to increase transparency. 

Minister Fletcher said, “We listened to feedback from the arts sector and the public on the previous Major Performing Arts Framework in developing this new framework, which provides a flexible and transparent approach to supporting Australia’s leading performing arts companies. It also opens the way for other successful and innovative companies to be considered for support.”

AMPAG welcomes the new Partnership Framework clearer processes to support new entrants, greater transparency and clear KPIs to ensure that core base national performing arts capacity, expertise and strategic development are secured for the sector.  

 In addition, Queensland based circus performing arts company Circa, a has been invited to join the new Framework.

Circa artistic director Yaron Lifschitz said this was an exciting achievement for their company. “This is a transformative moment for Circa, and will help increase our ability to continue delivering extraordinary arts experiences throughout the state, across the country and around the world,” he said.

Companies funded under the new framework, known as Partnership Organisations, will benefit from the stability of up to eight years of funding.

The new framework will provide:

  • a clear approach to prioritising outcomes for the Australian performing arts sector, audiences and communities, such as growing First Nations arts
  • a pathway to expand the number of funded companies through a two-stage invitation and assessment process
  • stability of funding balanced with flexibility so governments can jointly respond to changing priorities
  • increased transparency and accountability through enhanced reporting
  • a new approach to rewarding artistic and organisational excellence.

The new Framework is available on the Australia Council’s website. 

Details are still to be shared with the sector in relation to  MCM advising that continued fine-tuning will be required to the new Framework and jurisdictions will continue to work in relation to further changes that are jointly agreed to be required, with that work to be concluded by the end of February 2020.

In addition, Ministers asked Australia Council to review competitiveness across existing companies, within their markets and provide appropriate advice to governments.

The Framework details can be found HERE

The MCM also noted progress on the National Touring Scan being conducted by the Australia Council. The National Touring Scan will be the first in an ongoing series of periodic sector scans that research and document performing arts issues and trends.