STC inspires 20 students in new work experience week

​This week the Sydney Theatre Company is holding its inaugural Work Experience Week, with 20 Year 10 and 11 students from across NSW attending.

STC inspires 20 students in new work experience week


The aim is to give them a broad understanding of the workings of a theatre company.

During the week the students explore different departments at STC including: production, administration, directing and performance, set and costume design, marketing and sponsorship.

Tim McKeough, STC’s Media Relations Manager, said, ‘The intensive program is strongly linked to the NSW Drama curriculum and aims to thoroughly prepare these students not only for HSC but also, should they be interested, for a career in the industry.’

The common denominator for the week is the production playing at STC—that is,Macbeth with Hugo Weaving.

Armidale drama student Jessica Tan, a Year 10 student from Presbyterian Ladies’ College, was one of the successful students.

Miss Tan said her experience was incredibly valuable but it has made it hard to narrow down a specific role she would like to take on.

‘I’d probably like to do drama, directing or maybe even costume design,’ Miss Tan said.

The company’s executive director Patrick McIntyre, a former Armidale High student, said the work experience program was a great opportunity for creative youths.

'We had about 100 applications come in from throughout the state and of the 20 kids doing the program and about half of those kids are from regional areas,' he said.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in tours, panel discussions with staff from every department, workshops and activities run by STC staff and creatives.

In addition to the more structured sessions, the students have enjoyed informal talks with staff from across the company, from artistic to to graphic design to philanthropy, discussing real experiences of working in theatre.

They also met with the entire cast of STC’s Macbeth, including Hugo Weaving, John Gaden, Paula Arundell and Robert Menzies.

Over 100 students applied this year, which involved creating a video outlining why they wanted to participate.


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