STCSA and KOJO join forces

Two different storytellers joining forces, State Theatre Company South Australia has announced an exciting new partnership with digital content creators, KOJO.

STCSA and KOJO join forces


State Theatre Company, South Australia's flagship professional theatre company, is working with the national digital studio to create a series of TV commercials and video content to promote shows from its 2018 program, as well as a 'brand film' documenting the inner-workings of the company and the people who bring each show to life.

Executive producer Matt Byrne says KOJO has a long history partnering with creative, cultural and arts organisations, such as WOMADelaide, Screen Forever and Adelaide Fringe Festival, and saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and "something we simply could not pass up."

"State Theatre Company is another South Australian arts organisation responsible for producing world class theatre productions," he says.

"It boasts a long history of producing works that both challenge and entertain audiences. It is not afraid to confront social issues head on with contemporary Australian works, while at the same time breathing new life into more traditional productions with a contemporary approach.

"It is for these reasons that KOJO is a proud partner of the State Theatre Company."

Byrne says in a world full of innumerable platforms for content, theatre remains a unique platform for artists, writers, actors, and producers alike. For many years KOJO has been involved in 'live' events (such as stadium sport) and branching into theatre is just another example of that.

"The very nature of theatre is that it is live, it is something which can only be experienced by being present in that 'moment'," Byrne says.

"Our involvement with State Theatre has enabled our team to be put in direct touch with artists who have risen to the top of their industry. We've been lucky to work with actors, set and lighting designers, wardrobe and make-up artists, construction teams, producers and directors who are responsible for producing some of the finest theatre works of our time to both a national and international standard."

State Theatre Company South Australia Marketing Manager Cat Turner says it's a thrill to work with artists of KOJO's calibre.

"One of our challenges is to be able to capture the magic of the live theatre and the experience of being in the audience with actors on stage in front of you. In KOJO we've found partners who understand that challenge and bring their storytelling expertise and beautiful aesthetic to our repertoire," she says.

"It's a truly collaborative process, the KOJO team have quickly embedded themselves in our company to understand our work and our values, and that is something that is absolutely reflected in the end product."