AMPAG, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Adelaide Symphony Orchestra:Mahler 5

Mahler 5

March 2020

Sat 14 

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Town Hall



A program that matches the scale of the Adelaide Festival.

Commissioned for Anthony Marwood, Thomas Adès’s Violin Concerto Concentric Paths is a glittering gem, full of sparkling virtuosity and breathtaking lyricism. A swirling and ethereal adventure, this music holds your hand through a kaleidoscopic journey which is simultaneously complexly detailed and captivatingly simple.

A kaleidoscope of a different kind, Mahler famously believed that a symphony must contain the whole world. His Fifth lives up to it; it is a symphonic tour de force of epic scale. Be drawn into the composer’s universe from the iconic opening trumpet solo; experience inconsolable sorrow as emotional upheaval transforms into an infectious dance and final sigh of relief.