AMPAG, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Adelaide Symphony Orchestra:The Meditation Series: Silence

The Meditation Series: Silence

February 2020

Fri 14 

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Garinger Studio



Silence, as performed by the ASO, is a meditation and symphony concert in one. This 60-minute event is performed in near darkness with no interval, no applause, and no distraction. 60 seconds of silence between each piece transforms the listening process into a completely uninterrupted experience.

Musicians in the western world know that there are 12 notes in the musical alphabet. There is, however, the seldom acknowledged 13th note. Yet it has always existed, and some of our greatest composers have used it to astonishing effect.

The space between the two sets of four notes in the opening bars of Beethoven’s iconic 5th Symphony is that 13th note. The note is silence.

Silence is everywhere but hidden. It is both peaceful and unnerving.

This Valentine’s Day, indulge in a performance unlike any other. With the option to recline on a yoga-mat before the world-class Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, join us and enter the world of silence.