AMPAG, Australian Chamber Orchestra Australian Chamber Orchestra:Arvo Pärt & Shostakovich

Arvo Pärt & Shostakovich

March 2020

Thu 19 

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Wollongong Town Hall



Music as resistance: Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Arvo Pärt.

Even in the darkest decades of cruelty and oppression, history has shown that music and creativity will prevail and sometimes even flourish. In this deeply reflective program, the ACO brings together composers whose profoundly expressive music emerged from some of the world’s most brutal regimes: Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Estonia’s Arvo Pärt.

Arvo Pärt is one of the most performed and influential composers writing today. Richard Tognetti and Satu Vänskä will shine in his double concerto for two violins and orchestra,Tabula Rasa, a work that has become a cult favourite amongst music lovers, before the ten virtuoso violins of the ACO unite to perform Prokofiev’s fiendishly challenging Sonata for Solo Violin in D major in unison.

The concert concludes with Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony in C minor, a string orchestra arrangement of the composer’s famous Eighth String Quartet. This extremely personal and emotive masterpiece leaps from despair to brutal force, before coming to a haunting acceptance, serving as a lament for victims of fascism and war, as well as a vehicle for self-reflection.