AMPAG, Opera Australia Opera Australia:Rembrandt's Wife

Rembrandt's Wife

September 2020

Wed 16 

Opera Australia

Opera Australia

Opera Australia Scenery Workshop The Opera Centre Dawson St Surry Hills


September 2020

Wed 30 

The Coopers Malthouse

Merlyn Theatre , Melbourne, AU,


Rembrandt was famous for his portraits: rosy cheeks, smiling women, luscious naked curves.

He lived with his wife, Saskia, in love and luxury. Hers is the plump face that smiles out of so many of his works.

But as an old man, Rembrandt did not paint laughing women. He died alone, destitute. The women he loved — his wife, his mistress, and his last muse — were gone. One to consumption, one to the plague, one confined without cause to an insane asylum at his own bidding.

Discover this extraordinary story in the first revival of this 2009 chamber opera by Andrew Ford and Sue Smith.

For decades, Andrew Ford has championed music in cars and living rooms as host of the ABC’sMusic Show. Now you can hear one of his own works, with a poignant libretto by playwright and screenwriter Sue Smith (Saving Mr Banks, Hydra).

Warwick Stengards conducts this lyrical work featuring a nine-piece ensemble. Richard Anderson is the embattled painter. Taryn Fiebig performs as Saskia and as Rembrandt’s maid and muse, Hendrickje. Agnes Sarkis performs as his mistress, Geertje.