AMPAG, State Opera South Australia State Opera South Australia:SWEENEY TODD


October 2020

Sat 03 

State Opera South Australia

State Opera South Australia




There once was a barber who had it all; a happy life, a beautiful wife – all ended by a savage act of betrayal. Meet Sweeney Todd, “the demon barber of Fleet Street”. Born out of the ashes of tragedy and set on revenge, he makes for a dapper and dangerous man to know.

Together with the beguiling and batty Mrs Lovett, a twisted plan is hatched – genius and ghoulish in equal measure. But the best pies in London town may not last for long, as Sweeney’s thirst for vengeance leads them perilously close to the razor’s edge.

Considered one of the most powerful, dramatic and theatrical horror tales ever set to music, this work will leave hearts racing and spines tingling long after the curtain has fallen.