AMPAG, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra:Ancient Airs and Dances

Ancient Airs and Dances

April 2020

Fri 03 

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Federation Concert Hall



Swiss composer Frank Martin crafted something brilliant and ground-breaking in 1949 when he wrote the Concerto for Seven Wind Instruments. Performing the highly virtuosic solo parts are the Wind and Brass Principals of the TSO.

The strings come to the fore in Respighi’s Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No 3. Based upon melodies from Renaissance Italy, the rose-tinted Airs and Dances evoke an untroubled, bygone age.

Contemporary Hungarian composer Peter Eötvös composed his Dialogue with Mozart, Da Capo for Orchestra on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Salzburg’s famed Mozarteum Orchestra. As the title suggests, it is a conversation across the centuries, with Eötvös reworking and reimagining themes found in Mozart’s notebooks. The concert concludes with Mozart’s famed ‘Haffner’ Symphony, the first of Mozart’s symphonies composed during his golden period in Vienna.