AMPAG, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra:Tchaikovsky’s Fourth

Tchaikovsky’s Fourth

May 2020

Fri 15 

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Federation Concert Hall



Tchaikovsky was a master storyteller. The Fourth Symphony is like a great wordless drama, tracing an account of victory over adversity as it builds to one of greatest triumphal marches in all orchestral music. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony was an obvious (and acknowledged) model.

Rather more low key, but impressive in its own way, is Vaughan Williams’ sumptuous and evocative Serenade to Music.

The music of Hummel has tended to be overshadowed by that of Mozart, his teacher, and Beethoven, his contemporary and sometimes rival. Considered by many to be the greatest pianist of his time, Hummel wrote music of breathtaking virtuosity. Few pianists and conductors are as familiar with Hummel’s music as Howard Shelley, who has recorded and performed it to acclaim. Hear it from the hands of an expert!