All our 28 member companies make a huge contribution to arts education. In 2015 close to 566,000 school children and teachers attended education activities for schools, of which more than 160,000 were from regional and remote Australia. Education and workshop attendances around Australia, inspired, delighted and extended students’ knowledge and supported teachers ongoing arts teaching practice



Their mission is to extend and complement the learning and teaching of performing arts in all schools. By sharing the extensive skills and expertise at their disposal, they are uniquely placed to inspire and enrich the teaching and learning of the arts curriculum.

It is their vision that all students, regardless of location and economic circumstances, have access to the MPA companies and MPA education programs - programs which model best professional practice and excellence across the performing arts.

Education programs

Education is for everyone. It is well known that taking part in arts and cultural activities in schools has major benefits for students not just in their learning outcomes, but in their social and personal development as well. It helps them develop skills of cooperation and collaboration, fostering relationships of trust and a sense of belonging.


It can build racial harmony through acknowledging identity and cultural difference. Arts education fosters self-reflective and independent learning.

The quality of that education also has a huge impact on students' results and outlook. Programs developed by all our major performing arts companies provide high-quality education engagement and enhances students' overall level of learning and experience.


High-quality arts education inevitably reflects a strong partnership between the arts sector and schools. That is why AMPAG members referred to as 'the majors' take their role in education, in all its diversity, very seriously. For example, they partner with schools to run literacy programs, directly tutor regional bands and orchestras via digital links, and explore the moral and social questions raised by Shakespeare through school visits and workshops.

They are building world-first music education software that supports the new national arts curriculum across all states, and a revolutionary 3D chamber orchestra for students and communities to directly experience playing in and conducting an orchestra.

AMPAG has also made a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Teaching and learning - maximising our investment in Australian schools and to theNational Arts Curriculum.

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20% of kids learn to play music and 70% of adults wish they had.


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