New AMPAG Executive Director Announced

The Australian Major Performing Arts Group today announced the appointment of its new Executive Director, Ms Bethwyn Serow.

New AMPAG Executive Director Announced


For the past 10 years Ms Serow has fulfilled various roles at the Screen Producers Association of Australia, most recently as Policy Manager.

The Australian Major Performing Arts Group, or AMPAG, is the umbrella group for Australia’s 28 major performing arts companies in theatre, circus, contemporary dance, ballet, chamber music, symphonic music and opera.

Mr Derek Young, AMPAG’s chair, said he was delighted with Ms Serow’s appointment.

‘I’m sure Bethwyn will be a great contributor to Australia’s performing arts environment, and to AMPAG in particular. Her extensive experience in policy development, lobbying and advocacy will enable AMPAG to continue the excellent work of her predecessor, Ms Sue Donnelly, who today leaves the organisation to head up the Queensland Theatre Company.’

Mr Young commended Ms Donnelly on her three excellent years at AMPAG, especially her skill in bringing the organisation into the arts policy arena as a major player.

‘She has created at AMPAG an exciting momentum and drive in its advocacy and representational work for our major performing arts companies.’

‘There are a range of opportunities and challenges for AMPAG companies arising out of digital convergence and the rollout of the NBN—and Bethwyn’s experience and knowledge of Australia’s screen industry will be of great value to AMPAG,’ Mr Young said.

At SPAA, Ms Serow has represented the organisation and its individual members at industry forums, as well as to government on international trade and co-production policies.

She has advised producer members on various issues including: employment contracts for performers and writers, practical application of tax incentives and potential partnering and networking opportunities.

Ms Serow said: ‘I look forward to joining AMPAG to build on the tremendous work that Sue and the AMPAG Board have done, and exploring and addressing new opportunities and challenges evolving in the digital environment.'

‘Her knowledge and experience are robust and relevant,’ Mr Young said, ‘and will directly translate to the performing arts sector.’

‘Bethwyn Serow, in her leadership position at AMPAG, will be a critical and capable link between our members, government, our supporters and our audiences.

‘Her appointment to AMPAG will continue to strengthen the impact of Australia’s major performing arts companies on the nation’s rich cultural life.’

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