Arts Across Australia

​AMPAG’s members try to ensure that no matter where you live in Australia you can experience the best talent and productions this country has to offer.

Arts Across Australia


Performing arts organisations tour regional Australia with support from government, corporations and individuals. Since 1992 the federal government, through its support program Playing Australia, has helped the major performing arts companies tour large-scale productions around the country, so that regional audiences can sample some of Australia's best performing arts.

Some AMPAG companies tour specially made productions which can be staged outdoors, in large and small venues—even in a shed.

Touring is not limited to stage performances alone. When a major comes to town there are often special school visits, community workshops and other opportunities for the community to get involved.

To find out where the majors have toured in the last three years visitour National footprint interactive map. Here you can see which companies toured where, as well as the size of audiences and the type of activities that took place.

Despite the fiscal and logistical challenges associated with regional touring, every year AMPAG companies reach thousands of school children and arts enthusiasts around Australia.

Regional Australia will host more than 100 opening nights in 2013 – and counting

2013 has produced a bumper crop of performances around the country with at least 16 AMPAG companies touring to regional towns and cities. For more information check out our Regional Tours in 2013. You can also see if there are live performances in your neighbourhood by checking our Opening Nights Calendar.

For a list of performing arts venues in Australia, visit each state's association of performing arts centres:

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